Client Testimonials

“Truly changed my life”

I engaged Deb Palmer George as a professional and personal business coach four years ago, and she has truly changed my life. She is amazingly insightful, asks the really tough questions, and envelopes you in the MOST positive energy throughout every minute with her. As a person new to a CEO role, her guidance was invaluable.

– Janet Miller, CEO/Market Leader & Partner, Colliers International

“Dream come true”

I’ve had the great good fortune of being in a student training situation with Ms. George and working with her as a consultant on a project I am managing. She is smart, insightful, quick. Her observations are keen and positive. Her recommendations are empowering and forward-moving. And her presence is both calming and uplifting. It would be a dream come to true to get to work with her on everything single thing I do.

– John McLean, Senior Minister Unity of Nashville

“Outstanding resource”

I have known Deb Palmer George for ten years. I’ve personally experienced her strengths-based approach through leadership development, executive coaching, training and facilitation. If you want to move your organization and people forward in a positive direction, Palmer Solutions is an outstanding resource to reach beyond your goals.

– John Levesque, SVP, Merchant Services Executive, First Tennessee Bank

“Transformative experience”

Our leadership team had a wonderful and transformative experience working with Deb Palmer George on a five year strategic plan. Our time with Deb was meaningful, productive and truly transformational. Deb has a very special way of bring people together to define their shared goals and create a plan of action to achieve them. I can not say enough good things about working with Deb!

– Jessica Averbuch, CEO at Zeitlin Sotheby’s International

“Insightful thought leader”

I’ve known Deb for almost 10 years and worked with her in two of my companies. She is an extremely talented and insightful thought-leader in human resources and team development. She has proven to be an invaluable partner in developing values-driven structures that have been instrumental in building our corporate culture. In short, Deb is has been great to work with alongside.

– Charlie Lougheed, Cofounder & Partner at Unify Project

“A true professional in the HR world”

Deb is simply fantastic as a Leadership Development Expert and Executive Coach. Her content, delivery, and insights into leadership and the business case for Executive Coaching are “best in class”. Through our local SHRM meetings, have been fortunate enough to attend 2 of her recent presentations. Each time, walked away with valuable content to share with my team! I recommend Deb to the highest degree possible and would not hesitate to collaborate with her given the right opportunity. She is a true professional in the HR world.

– Martin Plumlee, MBA, CPC, CEO & Owner, Plumlee & Associates

“Her positive energy infuses”

I first met Deb when she helped guide our company through a strategic planning process. Her team-building skills are extraordinary, and her positive energy infuses individuals and groups with hope and motivation. Since then, we have worked on other projects together. I can’t speak highly enough about Deb’s integrity and her regard for the contributions of everyone in the organization.

– Kim Phillips, Owner, Lucid Marketing

“Genuine pleasure to work with”

Deb Palmer George has led our organization through several strategic planning processes and I highly recommend her. She is not only an incredibly skillful and knowledgeable facilitator, but she also takes the time to truly understand our organization and its needs to tailor the process. Deb is a genuine pleasure to work with.

– Casey Gill Summar, Executive Director, Arts & Business Council of Greater Nashville

“Enduring confidence in the essence of humanity”

Deb and I go back a very long way. I have followed her career path in leadership development and in helping people grow and blossom in their organizations. She is an exemplary individual whose integrity, passion for her noble work, and enduring confidence in the essence of humanity makes her a service provider par excellence; she is someone I would endorse without hesitation. Whatever your needs, from strategic planning to conflict resolution, Deb Palmer is the person to have on your team. She will add enormous value and bring about an outstanding outcome.

– Myriam Altieri-Haslinger, Co-Founder,

“Top in class”

I would recommend Deb to any organization looking to raise the performance level of their employees. Her ability to facilitate self-discovery, in order to increase awareness and increase personal performance, is top in class.

– Brian Denney, Commercial Banker, CapStar Bank

“Put everyone at ease”

I had the privilege of attending a day-long conference for non-profit managers that Deb facilitated. She was truly amazing. Her ability to put everyone at ease and guide us through a day of education and reflection was top-notch. If you are planning a retreat or conference, I highly recommend hiring Deb to assist with navigating your participants through the process. She has a gift for bringing everyone into the moment so all benefit from the materials being presented.

– Victoria McCarthy, Associate Professor, Austin Peay State University

“Empowered every member of the team 100%”

Deb Palmer George’s approach was just right for my team. She provided a mirror that allowed us to prioritize our culture and each person’s strengths in our strategic planning. Her organization and innovative tools established the perfect amount of structure to the day. In what can be a difficult and frustrating process, Deb empowered us and engaged every member of the team 100%. Working with her was a very productive and rewarding experience.

– Sarah Sampson, Deputy Director, Tennessee Disability Coalition

“Top-notch consultant”

Deb Palmer George has been a top-notch consultant to Project Return on board and staff development, executive coaching, strategic planning, and network building. She led the organization’s conversion to a strengths-based orientation, and she facilitated our emergence from a hazy sense of potential to a clear grasp of purpose. Project Return benefits from her dual prioritization of the action plan of today and the vision of tomorrow. More Deb!

– Darrell Hawks, Business Development, Project Return

“Life changing”

It seems impossible to put into words how amazing it is to work with Deb Palmer George, it is no less than life changing. I had the pleasure of working with Deb for a little over 2 years and with every presentation, activity or one on one discussion, I felt completely challenged to rethink my approaches, both personally and professionally. From organizational change, to conversations with difficult people, Deb always finds a way to bring the topic alive and unforgettable.

– Sarah Dukes, Talent Acquisition, Hyland