Twenty years ago a “life is too short” moment inspired me to launch my own consulting and coaching practice. If the last two years has been nothing else, it has been a similarly compelling experience in not waiting to step out and step up in my contributions to the world. I’m excited to share a significant and exciting update on my professional and personal journey. In June 2021, I am beginning a new role as Chief Wellbeing Officer of Unify Jobs. This opportunity feels like a culmination of my life’s experiences. I’m deeply grateful for the journey that led me here.

Over the last few years, I’ve consulted with Unify Labs, a nonprofit tech innovation center whose mission is powering inclusive prosperity. Through extensive research and development, Unify Labs launched Unify Jobs, its first tech innovation. Unify Jobs is an integrated technology solution that transforms the hiring experience for employers and job seekers. In June 2021, Unify Jobs was formed as a for-profit spin-off of Unify Labs.

My role as Chief Wellbeing Officer is one that allows me to bring together lessons from my life’s path, career and volunteer experiences, to create equitable pathways to employment. In this newly created position, I will focus on building a culture with wellbeing in its DNA and welldoing in its strategies. This includes building a great team and ensuring we deliver on our mission with excellence so we can grow to the scale of the need – equitable and effective hiring for everyone.

I joined the Unify movement because I believe in the universal right of each person to succeed, unimpeded by oppressive barriers in the systems in which they live. Unify prioritizes skills and interests over common factors that produce bias in many hiring processes. What excites me most are the opportunities that could result from all people participating in an equitable economic system that engages their unique talents and provides pathways to realizing their aspirations.

This role is also particularly special to me because it evolved from a relationship with my friend and colleague, Stephen McHale, Co-founder of Unify Labs and now, Chief Executive Officer of Unify Jobs. I’ve known and worked with Stephen in various capacities over the last three decades. His shared commitment to co-creating culture to shape better strategy, and ultimately, better outcomes, made this decision an easy and compelling one.

Although my title is changing, my commitment to coaching clients and speaking at events around the country remains. My new role allows me the opportunity to continue working in these capacities to guide individuals and organizations in thriving.

Helping others live into the fullest expression of themselves so they can achieve what matters most, personally and professionally, is the enduring purpose of my life. I’m confident my new role will allow me to continue serving this purpose and look forward to the opportunities ahead.

I am grateful for our connection and for your support as I begin this new chapter. As always, you can reach me by phone or text at 615-418-5066. For inquiries on speaking or coaching you can reach me at

For all other correspondence, I welcome you to get in touch at my new Unify e-mail address at