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Last year I began an email series on hope.

These messages contained specific information on how to practice the 3 key elements of hope: goals, pathways, and agency, as discovered by the researcher, Charles Snyder.

I had no idea the impact the first message in that 3-part hope series would have on me personally.

The first message focused on goals, which is the first component of hope. Sending that message led me to deep reflection on a driving goal of my professional life, to help as many people as I can learn to connect with the best in themselves and others to achieve what matters most.

I’ve been dedicated to that mission for 16 years as a facilitator, speaker, and coach. I love co-creating with people on their unique journeys to individual and organizational thriving. I have also wondered if there was a way to serve more people who might benefit from this approach.

Seven years ago I thought the answer to reaching more people was to write a book so I started but never finished.

Until now.


You see as I began writing the second email in the three hope part series I had a breakthrough. That email was about creating pathways for reaching goals and it inspired me to change my attitude about finishing the book. I reframed the book from “nice to do” to an essential pathway toward my goal of guiding more people to thriving.

That reframing turned out to be an example of the third element of hope which is agency. Agency is the internal belief that you have the power to act in your own life to carry out your pathways and pursue your goals.

The bottom line is finishing the book and preparing for publication in June 2018.

To further my pathway for reaching more people I’m focusing on my blog which is where you’ll find new content weekly.

My hope is to create an interactive community of support where professionals at all stages, working in a wide range of fields, can share experiences and best practices as well as ask questions about applying these practices in their careers and organizations.

I close most of my keynotes and workshops with the following:

  • Strength connected to strength unleashes the power to perform
  • Strength connected to hope unleashes the power to transform

Here’s to connecting strengths in the year ahead to achieve the performance and transformations that matter most in your work and life!

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